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Room & Bathroom

Depending on the location, there could be up to 14 people staying on the property. It can sound overwhelming on paper, but we have developed an easy system and codebook which eliminates a lot of the stress you could encounter with other living arrangements.
Yes, there are two single rooms available at T1. All of the other available rooms would have only one roommate.
If not in a single room option, you will share a room with one other person.

Every T-Home tenant is interviewed and we try to pair roommates for a high success rate. This reduces stress about moving in with new people.

We have T-homies from all over the world. You can expect that the culture of the house will be very diverse. Every one in the house is a BSSM student or alumni.

Every bathroom is only shared by three or four people.
The four people who share the bathroom are responsible for keeping it clean.
You and your bath-mates get the responsibility of buying the toilet paper and bathroom cleaning supplies.

Rent & Other Expenses

Rent is collected via an online payment system that links to an American Bank Account. If you do not have one, you will need an American Bank Account. Exceptions might be made for International Students.

Credit Cards are not accepted.

The lease lasts 10 months. August through May.

Many students come early for many reasons and it is possible to move in earlier than August. The rent will be prorated for the extra time stayed.

The only fees, other than rent, that will be collected by management are…

1. $300 Security Deposit
2. $75 Cleaning Fee ($25 for subsequent years)
3. Potential Utility Cap Overages

There is an in-house structure for splitting up cleaning supplies and other house items called the T-Home tax. In the past guys have averaged that it was about $6 a month.
Electricity, Water, Gas, Garbage, Sewer, and Wifi are included in your rent.

There are monthly caps that are set on these utilities that, if exceeded, may result in extra charges.

The caps are set in a way that, with proper stewarding, you should not exceed them.

Kitchen & Food

Most of the time you will not have a problem using the kitchen. Everyone has different schedules and class times, there is almost never a time when everyone is in the kitchen at the same time.
Silverware, plates, bowls and utensils are provided for your use.
There is a T-Home tax that is approximately $6 dollars a month. This tax is managed entirely by the tenants and not by management.

The tax is used to pay for house items like paper towels, dish soap, trash bags, cleaning spray, floor cleaner etc.

Pots and pans, as well as basic utensils are provided for your use.
Other appliances vary property to property. Some tenants also bring their own rice cookers, croc pots, etc.

You are in charge of your own food and food prep. Some of the guys like to make meals together, but you are responsible to organize that for yourself.

Sometimes tenants like to organize occasional “Family” dinners. If this interests you, you are free to take the lead and set the culture.

Yes. You will get your own pantry space for your food, so you don’t have to worry about someone eating your food by accident.
Yes, as well as pantry space, you get your own designated fridge space.

Community Areas & Responsibility

We put a high value on having “clean” sound in the house. The rule of thumb is that if there is more than two people in a room, you need to put headphones in. There is also quiet hours to make sure everyone can sleep through the night.
Surprisingly, no. We create 4 cleaning teams, and every team cleans once per month.
Most rooms have desks for studying. T1 has a library for studying.
Yes, alcohol and firearms/weapons and illegal/illicit drugs are not allowed anywhere on the property.

There are cleaning rotations in the house. This makes it so you don’t have to clean every week.

When it is your week to clean, you are expected to follow the cleaning list and complete it with excellence.

All usable items (i.e. light bulbs, batteries, etc.) are the tenant’s responsibility to replace. Items for community areas will be purchased from the House Tax fund.

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