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Step 1

Fill out online application

Step 2

Schedule Interview

Step 3

Wait for descion

Step 4

Pay Move-in fees

The first step in the application process is to fill out an application. Please take your time when filling out the application. Give fully developed answers. We use this application to get to know you and help place you with the best possible roommate.
Incomplete applications or applications with one-word answers may not be processed.

The second step in the application process is to schedule your interview. The ZOOM interview will be about an hour long. There is a $10 application fee, but we are currently giving out a discount code to waive the cost. Submit your email and we will send you your discount code. 

Check your inbox!

After your interview, we review your application and contact your references. Please let your references know to be expecting to hear from us. After we have contacted your references, we will email you with our decision. 

Once you receive our decision you must pay your move-in fees in order to secure your place in the house. You will get an email with more instructions. 

Move-in Fees: $800 total

  • Security Deposit: $300 (refundable at checkout)

  • Cleaning Fee: $100 (non-refundable)

  • Rent Down Payment $400 this amount will be credited toward your account.

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