About the Testosterhome

Yes it has a funny name, but that is just the surface. The Testosterhome is a community house for men attending the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding California.

Why Testosterhome?

About the Testosterhome

In looking for housing for your time at BSSM, you might be asking "Why live in community with a bunch of guys?". At our core we were made to embrace community. As believers, we are all meant to lead and serve in our communities, leaving places better than we found it. Living in community helps develop the strength in you, while you can also pull on the strength of others. 

The Testosterhome is a place where

Thomas Anthony, the landlord, attended BSSM himself and then in 2012 sought to create a housing option that would compliment the BSSM core values and give opportunity to see revival affect your personal day to day life. Thus the Testosterhome was born. 

Over the first couple years those who lived in the house started developing a culture that would continue and thrive long after they were gone. 

Every year we have a diverse group from all around the world who move into the T-Homes. Each person building onto the tribe of men that is the Testosterhome. You can expect to grow;  make lifelong friends; and see men thrive at being men. It wont always be easy, but it will be worth it.

Our Core Values

This is our Heartbeat

  • God is Good

    There is nothing more important than the goodness of God. Knowing His nature changes everything.

  • Saints not Sinners

    We have been bought into righteousness. We are saints and no longer sinners. We believe the best in one another.

  • We call out the Gold

    Life works best in a culture of honor where we call out the gold in one another.

What We Are...

This is our heartbeat.

Community Focused

This a home where family-like community is practiced. You should probably like people.

Culture of Freedom

You have freedom to be yourself and your voice matters on house opinions.

Responsible Men

You are men, and you will be treated like a man. Men are proactive and powerful.

What We Are Not

This might not be the place for you if you you think we are a ...


This is not just a place to sleep and eat. This is a place where some level of intentionality is expected.

Free for All

You have a high level of freedom, but that doesn’t mean you can walk all over your other housemates.

Discipleship House

You can expect to grow, but no one will be managing you, you will be expected to manage yourself.

Thomas Anthony

The Landlord

Thomas is a BSSM alumni who loves to see young men grow into their potential as powerful sons of God. He is not your average landlord as he loves to build connection and invest into the lives of the residents of the Testosterhome.