Application Tips

Please take your time when filling out the application, giving fully developed answers. We use the application not only to get a sense of who you are, but also to help place you with the best possible roommate selections.
Incomplete applications or applications with one word answers have a chance of getting dismissed.

If you have any questions, most of the answers can be found on the Frequently asked questions page. Or you can contact us with your own questions.

We look forward to hearing from you as you put in your application to live in the Testosterhome.

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    – Move-In Fee Breakdown –

    If accepted, these following fees are required before you can move in or have a spot secured in a house.

    Deposit One Time Fee


    Deposits are refundable at checkout.

    Cleaning Fee One Time Fee


    Non-refundable. $25/year for subsequent years.

    First Month's Rent Invoice to start on 2nd month


    This price will vary depending on room assignments.