T1 Tenant Information

This page has a lot of what you need to know about moving to Redding and succeeding in the T-Home.

Contact Info

Success Guide

Every year we ask the T-homies what they wished they knew when they moved in that would have set them up for success. We take that information and put in into an infographic style document to give you all the information you might need to transition smoothly into your new home.

Lease and Codebook info

These are our basic top 10 commandments (actually 11) of the lease. Please look over them. I would encourage you to look over the entire lease located below.

Please take time to look over and read the lease. You can download a copy here.


David Shepler 3rd Year Student Michigan
Josef Jamili 2nd year Student Sweden
Atish D'Mello 2nd Year Student India
Jesse Rivas 3rd Year Student Oregon
Wes Garner 1st Year Student Indiana
Kevin Kovach 1st Year Student Illinois
-Photo Coming Soon- Jayce Thompson 1st Year Student Ohio
-Photo Coming Soon- Jonathan Hernandez 1st Year Student Mexico
-Photo Coming Soon- Peter Frame 1st Year Student England
-Photo Coming Soon- Shannon Kuperus 1st Year Student Oregon
-Photo Coming Soon- TBD
-Photo Coming Soon- TBD
-Photo Coming Soon- TBD
-Photo Coming Soon- TBD

Rent Instructions

Below you will find common questions about rent as well as video instructions on how to pay your rent online.

Common Rent Questions

You can email us any rent questions at rent@testosterhome.com

Utility Caps

Common Utility Cap Questions

There is a monthly cap on how much is included in your rent for utilities. Any additional charges past those caps will be split and billed among the tenants.

Redding Hotspots

It is always hard moving to a new place. Here are a few of our favorite places, so you can feel like a local when you get here.


Heritage Coffee

Heritage is one of the most popular coffee shops in Redding, despite being about 12 minutes away from the center of town.

Theory Collaborative

Theory is one of the newer coffee shops in Redding, it is located in the downtown area.

The Stirring 

One part coffee shop, one part church. The Stirring offers a great atmosphere and a great cup of coffee. 

Favorite Food Locations

Wildas Grill

Signature dish is the Buddha bowl, this local gem has an electic range of menu options, all of them delicious. 

Champa Garden

If you like Thai Food, this is the place for you. It is a crowd favorite. Thai Hut, is also another popular thai option.

Westside Pizza 

This is a BSSM hotspot. they usually do deals for BSSM students, as well as $1 slices on Fridays nights after church. 


Sundial Bridge

Close to the BSSM first year facility, this place has great trails, places to meet, and it right on the river.

Whiskeytown Lake

This is a go-to for Revival Group Parties and those who like lake activities.

Lema Ranch 

Right inside of town town, this park has amazing walking/biking trails that will make you think you are miles away from the city.