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Living in the Testosterhome for the past five years has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my short life. I originally decided to move into the Testosterhome for one reason: I wanted to learn how to be a good father. God led me to this house so I could experience true submission to authority in a family context while I lived and served under Thomas’ auspices. I simultaneously learned what it meant for a community of men to serve each other in mutual submission and with respect to both the shared authority of all the residents of the house. In addition, I developed a keen understanding of the wholeness I have in Christ as a strong single person living in community. I saw how I could fully express myself in purity, strength, and responsibility only within the context of living with and for my community of brothers. I know all of this has helped me to learn how to better lead other men as I grow in influence. Moreover, I have only begun to see how a reclamation of wholeness within my individual life adds to and reflects to manifold glory of Christ’s many faceted church. If you are considering the Testosterhome, I pray you are guided by the Holy Spirit to invest all that you are in developing and serving the men who would be given to you as housemates.

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