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Applications now open for 2023-2024 BSSM Year 

Shared Rooms $375/month
Single Rooms $475/Month

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1605 Dana Drive
Redding, California 96003

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2757 Downard Lane
Redding, California 96002

Offering community-centered housing for those attending BSSM in Redding California. 

10 Month

We offer a convenient 10-Month lease that mirrors the BSSM School year.

We make your move to Redding easy.
Our spaces are fully furnished. The only thing you really need to bring is your bedding and personal items. 


Utilities + Wifi

Your rent price includes your utilities and wifi, so you only have to worry about one bill.


Our locations are minutes away from the Civic Auditorium and Bethel Church, with nearby grocery stores and restaurants. 

Apply Now in
4 Steps


Early Bird


This short video will walk you through the steps of applying at the Testosterhome as well information about our early bird pricing. 

Need to know all the details... 

We have compiled a digital magazine that has a ton more information for you. It covers topics including: rent prices; photos; move-in fees; house structure; frequently asked questions, and more. Drop in your email and get it sent directly to your inbox.

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"Why live in community with a bunch of guys?"

You are probably asking yourself that question right now.

At our core, we were made to embrace community. As believers, we are all meant to lead and serve in our communities, leaving places better than we found them. Living in community helps develop the strength in you, while you can also pull on the strength of others. 


Thomas Anthony, the landlord, attended BSSM himself and then in 2012 sought to create a housing option that would complement the BSSM core values and give the opportunity to see revival affect your personal day-to-day life. Thus the Testosterhome was born. 

Over the first couple years, those who lived in the house started developing a culture that would continue and thrive long after they were gone. 

Every year we have a diverse group from all around the world who move into the T-Homes. Each person building onto the tribe of men that is the Testosterhome. You can expect to grow;  make lifelong friends; and see men thrive at being men. It won't always be easy, but it will be worth it.

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